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Founded in 2021, Speed & Sport Adventures quickly became one of the most-talked about high-end off-road motorcycle companies in the world. The founders include legendary racers Destry Abbott, Grant Langston, Cody Webb, Andrew Short, Ryan Sipes, Scott Bright, Paul Krause and Kevin Hines along with off-road business owner Lendon Smith magazine editors Ken Faught, Cameron Coatney and Mark Kariya. The company attracted a lot of attention with their multi-million-dollar basecamp lodges, custom helicopter tours, and celebrity guest riders. The crafted the perfect blend of beautiful scenery, incredible off-road trails and impeccable food.

Speed & Sport Adventures has expanded  into four-wheel tours and events, and even has plans to offer training programs for both two- and four-wheels.

"I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world and exploring unique places with off-road vehicles of all shapes and sizes," said Faught. "Speed & Sport Adventures offers really unique adventures and our tours and events are anything but cookie cutter. We have also partnered with companies like High Desert Adventures for international tours, and will continue to expand in the coming years. 

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